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JustMoney is a multichain DeFi and Web3 ecosystem that offers a range of services including cross-chain swaps, crypto payments, bridging, and more.
Just.Money is a multichain DeFi and Web3 ecosystem that offers a range of services. One of the main features of JustMoney is its multi-chain swap, which supports taxed tokens on various blockchains including Polygon, BNBChain, Ethereum, Tron, and BTTC. The swap has a user-friendly interface and also supports taxed tokens, calculating the estimated amounts correctly and taking tax into consideration.

In addition to the swap, JustMoney offers widgets that projects can add to their websites for users to buy or bridge tokens seamlessly. The platform also has a decentralized EVM-EVM and EVM-TVM bridge that allows users and projects to easily move assets from one chain to another.

JustMoney also has a decentralized cryptocurrency payment gateway that supports various blockchains and offers four options for businesses and individuals to accept payments with cryptocurrencies. JustMoney also has a launchpad service called, where newly created projects can showcase their token and build hype before the launch.

Additionally, when listed with JustMoney, tokens will also be listed on the JustMoney gifting platform, which allows users to send customized cryptocurrency gift cards via email.

JustMoney token is: JustMoney
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