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    One person can give one vote for your project every day. More votes will make your Coin climb in the leaderboard. Votes are restarted every Week! Higher the Coin is in the ranking; there are more mentions of this fact in Social Media. We will tweet about this, and also the community for sure!
    All projects listed on site are added at least to one League (like category) Every League has its weekly ranking. We publish posts on Social Media about the projects with the highest amount of votes in every ranking. More Leagues effects in more mentions in Social Media!
    We can add your project to unlimited blockchains like ERC-20, BSC etc. Every network works as a separate League, allowing more victories every Week for projects based on more than one blockchain.
    Do you want to share events with the community? Here is the right place! Submit an event, and we will add it to the Calendar and the details of your Coin. We will publish this info also on Twitter, tagging your project!
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    Customize your profile with a custom banner submitted by your team.
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    Add a Custom Header to your project profile and present what is essential.
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    Add highlight to your Coin to make it distinguish from other Coins!
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    Post article at CoinMarketLeague Magazine. We will share it on Twitter and Telegram with our community!
    Video AMA at CoinMarketLeague Telegram Chat. We will share it on Youtube, Twitter and Telegram

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