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Enter the TuruVerse: A Metaverse Environment for Everyone

Explore the TuruVerse: A Decentralized Metaverse for Playing, Engaging, Learning, and Earning

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What is TuruVerse?

TuruVerse is a metaverse environment created by the TuruGlobal team. TuruVerse is a decentralized state where inhabitants can..

  • Play
  • Engage
  • Learn
  • Earn

You can visit and interact in the TuruVerse as a coiner and a no-coiner. 

  • When you log in to TuruVerse as a no-coiner, a Crypto wallet for Tron, Eth, BSC, and Polygon blockchain will be created without you noticing. There is no need to interact in order to engage in TuruVerse.
  • When you log in as a coiner, you can connect your crypto wallet and enjoy the additional benefits generated for coiners.

Watch an introduction to TuruVerse shown here:


Besides playing in the TuruVerse as a visitor, you can also become an inhabitant.

We have apartments for sale in 5 different price categories. The apartments will make you an inhabitant, allow you to earn tax income (inverse tax), and allow you to own commercial properties to rent out yourself and earn. 

TuruVerse Income

The different aparments are spread over 6 living tower with luxury and premium apartments minted as NFT’s over the 4 blockchains besides the towers there are three residential estates to buy a lower priced apartment as well.


Commercial property

TuruVerse will put commercial properties like shops, galleries, and bars up for rent. Also, we have a cinema where people will come and watch movies in the TuruVerse.

VIP lounge hidden in Cyber city


We have a continuously growing amount of games and entertainment features in TuruVerse, starting with:

- Arcade gaming area

- Parcours obstacle course

- Hide and seek

- The incredible maze. 

More areas will follow.


Satoshi tower (Tron)

For day to day interaction and engagement we will offer a wide range of the following features to connect the visitors of TuruVerse will real life projects, features and businesses

- Residential

- Shops

- Bars

- Events 

- Cinema’s


A Gallery (Gallary) in the TuruVerse

We will have a lot of features for general and / or cultural education.

- Schools

- Info Centers

- Galleries


HODL Building

Besides entertainment, engagement, and learning, TuruVerse is also offering a chance to earn both for visitors and residents.

- Sales Commissions

- Chance to be an entrepreneur

- Renting commercial properties

- Rent marketing materials to get your company's names out.

TuruVerse has the ambition to be a parallel world where everyone can live and enjoy…





About Turu

The $turu token is the utility token of the TuruGlobal ecosystem.

Where to buy Turu?