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Explore MoChain, a scalable blockchain solution revolutionizing dApp experiences with rapid transactions and seamless interoperability.

Discover MoChain token presale, a scalable blockchain solution for seamless dApp experiences. Built on a Proof of Staked Authority (PoA) algorithm, MoChain offers fast block times, low fees, EVM-compatible smart contracts, and cross-chain communication.

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Discover MoChain, a groundbreaking blockchain solution designed for scalability and exceptional user experiences in decentralized applications (dApps). MoChain utilizes a Proof of Staked Authority (PoA) consensus algorithm, providing faster block times, reduced fees, EVM-compatible smart contracts, and seamless cross-chain communication. Learn more at

Key Features and Infrastructure

MoChain offers compatibility with Ethereum tools, efficient dual-chain communication for high-performance dApps, distributed on-chain governance with native MO token staking, and a consensus engine for quick block confirmations with minimal forks. The platform manages staking functions to determine validators through independent elections and employs Clique, a consensus protocol prioritizing light client security, system transactions, and backoff mechanisms to prevent rushed block sealing.

Security and Account Management

MoChain ensures high security with slashing logic to penalize Byzantine validators, recommending users wait for blocks sealed by more than 2/3N+1 distinct validators for optimal security. The blockchain's initial state is defined by a JSON genesis file, while key generation follows Ethereum's model, using BIP39, BIP32, and BIP44 for key derivation.

Presale Details

The MoChain token presale starts on and starts at April 30th. Stay updated on the latest news and developments by following us on Twitter, joining our Telegram group, and checking out our GitHub repository.

More information about presale is available on


MoChain is set to revolutionize the blockchain space with its unique combination of speed, interoperability, and security. As the token presale approaches, join the MoChain community and contribute to the future of decentralized applications.

About MO Chain

Introducing MoChain: A Fast and Interoperable Blockchain Solution