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MO Chain
Start01 Apr 202317:08 UTCEnds01 Jun 202300:00 UTC
Start01 Apr 202317:08 UTCEnds01 Jun 202300:00 UTC
Introducing MoChain: A Fast and Interoperable Blockchain Solution

MoChain is a blockchain platform utilizing a Proof of Staked Authority (PoA) consensus algorithm for faster block times and lower fees. It supports EVM-compatible smart contracts and enables seamless cross-chain communication. MoChain is designed for scalability and optimal user experience in decentralized applications (dApps).

Key Features

💎 EVM-compliant: Compatible with Ethereum tools, faster finality, and lower fees.

💎 Interoperable: Efficient native dual chain communication for high-performance dApps.

💎 Distributed governance: On-chain governance and staking with the native token, MO.

💎 Consensus Engine: MoChain's engine achieves quick block confirmations with minimal forks, compatibility with Ethereum, and strong staking and governance elements from Cosmos.

⭐ Infrastructure Components - MoChain manages the staking function to determine validators through independent elections.

Consensus Protocol - Clique, MoChain's consensus protocol, focuses on light client security, system transactions, and enforcing backoff mechanisms to prevent validators from rushing block sealing.

Block Production and Validation - MoChain's process involves preparing and finalizing blocks, sealing, and verifying headers for secure and accurate block creation.

Security and Finality - MoChain offers high security by incorporating slashing logic to penalize Byzantine validators, making attacks difficult or non-economical. Users should wait for blocks sealed by more than 2/3N+1 distinct validators for optimal security.

Genesis File - The genesis file is a JSON file that defines the blockchain's initial state and contains essential information.

Account and Address - MoChain generates keys in a manner similar to Ethereum, using BIP39, BIP32, and BIP44 for key derivation.