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Did you know that LionX Music NFT

Did you know that LionX promotes utilities within NFT standards?

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From MusicNFTs to NFTs backed by physical items, Networks within LionX are seeking to explore the potential use case of applying these business models to Traditional industries and markets. Our NFT sector is made up of Collections & Communities seeking to solve real-world problems with utility layers built on Chain.

For Examples of Collections:

(Mafia Manes) - Max Supply of 100 which is bridging the gap between NFTs and DeFi.

(OneM1nd) - The 1st 4k Music NFT on Tron “Tronics Anthem”.

(LionX NFT store) - NFTs are backed by Physical items.

(Capitol Lion Genesis NFT) - Membership of 1st MusicDAO on Tron.

The NFT sector of LionX will evolve as the community and utilities grow. The LionX ecosystem is organically programmed to be compatible with NFT standards of all kinds. We’re also preparing for standards that make up soul bound and dynamic NFTs. Ready for the standard to enter traditional markets & industries. We believe Tron is a great settlement layer to promote this transition.

Join the LionX telegram to learn more about the opportunities that NFT standards create on Tron and beyond .

About Lion Digital Alliance

Native Utility & Governance Token of the LionX Ecosystem. 100% Community Driven.

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