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LionX Ecosystem

Take a Dive into the Vision of Decentralization! Learn more about LionX 🦁

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Let’s start off by summarizing LionX & The Lion Digital Alliance Token 🦁

What is LionX ?

LionX is an ecosystem of Networks, built on the Tron blockchain. These networks are built around products, services, tools, and resources of DeFi and NFT standards. This platform will ultimately become a community of communities striving to become Decentralized through self Governed Applications. The team behind the initial vision is “CoreX”, this group’s main focus is Development & Research within the Blockchain Tech space.

What is The Lion Digital Alliance Token ? 

The Lion Digital Alliance Token is how individuals can access the Utility and Governance of the LionX ecosystem. This Token will connect all networks integrated within the platform. The underlying Use cases evolve as the LionX ecosystem grows. LDA is fully backed by the Economic Productivity of LionX.

What is LionDAO? 

The LionDAO is an organization made up of LDA Token Hodlers. Holders of the Lion Digital Alliance tokens Will have the right to vote on any changes or integration to the LionX Platform. These implementations are referring to LionX Economics, community, and underlying technology.

What are LionX Umbrella Projects?

These are networks integrated into the LionX ecosystem, which are advised by the CoreX team. For example, active umbrella projects within LionX are currently the LionXNFT store, MafiaManes, and Capitol Lion Music Network.

What is The underlying value of building around DeFi & NFTs?

LionX Prides itself on the ability to create opportunities around Products, Services, Tools & Resources of DeFi and NFTs. LionX has automated payment systems integrated within the decentralized finance sector of the Ecosystem which requires little to no human interference. The platform was constructed by visionaries who believe in true self-sustainability & decentralization as a much-needed feature of Life. Lion digital Alliance is the native token to the LionX ecosystem which fuels the ecosystem of integrated Networks. Users are able to mint LDA & Earn through a wide variety of LionX-based decentralized finance smart contracts.

NFT networks integrated into LionX are truly exploring the opportunities of these standards. These are levels of ownership we’ve never had access to as normal individuals of society. No matter who you are, everyone has visual access to all activity going on within a blockchain. We are strong believers that these standards are creating reset buttons within a lot of traditional markets and industries. The future is becoming more decentralized through blockchain & web3-based integrations. NFTs have the ability to transform our traditional way of life. NFTs will play a vital role in the transition from the industrial to the digital age. These standards will evolve a wide variety of industries and traditional environments creating Decentralization within these realms. LionX seeks to position itself deeply into the transition. We’re seeking to help make that transition much more smooth & less complex. We believe this will help people understand the true value of DeFi & NFTs.

What’s Next for the LionX ecosystem?

Within the next couple of weeks, we’ll be launching a very elegant NFT Staking Contract. This contract has the ability to host multiple collections, and these collections have the ability to select any TRC20 Token as dividends or rewards. This NFT Staking Contract also has the functionality to add collections as the contract is live. This protocol has the capability to connect the entire NFT Ecosystem of Tron. Integrations of Staking give NFT communities a glimpse into the benefits of DeFi. 

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About Lion Digital Alliance

Native Utility & Governance Token of the LionX Ecosystem. 100% Community Driven.

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