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Crypto meets sustainability. Awareness + Learn to earn + Talent Economy + Rewards
BlueBee is a community platform that promotes and assists organisations that are undertaking sustainable activities. To achieve this, we aim to create a conscious community utilising a financially incentivised green cryptocurrency.

The Blue Bee’s BEEB token is designed to serve as a medium of action, reward, and incentive that connects communities on the BEEB platforms. As the Blue Bee community grows, BEEB tokens will eventually be distributed through our rewards engine.

How it works?
🐝 Promotion - We plan to promote and assist companies and projects that are actively involved in the circular economy and earth regeneration.
Many organisations have been established to cater to the increasing demands for sustainability.
However, most of them cannot effectively promote and market their products and organisations to the larger population.
At Blue Bee, we aim to nurture a large community of sustainability-oriented people who will purchase and promote these products and organisations.

🐝 Crypto - Earn passive income by holding on to your BEEB tokens. Blue Bee is a yield-generating and deflationary cryptocurrency token.
A core component of Blue Bee is the flow of rewards. Each module in the token ecosystem will have a mechanism that rewards the community.
Any measured involvement of Blue Bee community members will be rewarded by crypto-based incentives.

🐝 Green Education - Our “Learn to Earn” platform will encourage individuals to educate themselves on earth regenerative activities and sustainability while earning rewards.
The primary objective of Blue Bee is to create an education platform that incentivises people to educate themselves on sustainability-related topics. O
ur “Learn to Earn” feature is specially designed to educate and raise awareness around sustainability and earth regeneration while also providing an opportunity for individuals to earn financial rewards.

How do I get BEEB tokens?
❤️ Receive BEEB Tokens as rewards for engagement in the community
❤️ Earn BEEB by participating in the Blue Bee ecosystem activities
❤️ Additional rewards by holding BEEB in your wallet

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