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Here at CoinMarketLeague, we're committed to ensuring a level playing field. While we're excited to have your listings at no cost, there are a few important rules we'd like to highlight.

We kindly ask all project teams to abstain from paying for votes. It's essential to keep the voting process fair and focused on sincere community interaction.

Here's what's not on the playlist:

  • Paying for votes via giveaways.
  • Buying votes by offering payment after seeing vote proof.
  • Scheming activities that encourage non-community members to vote for profit.
  • Making throwaway accounts to influence voting.
  • Soliciting votes through influencers' accounts.

But don't worry, there's still a lot of room for creativity and fun within the rules! Here's what you can do:

  • Share your CoinMarketLeague project profile on social media.
  • Appreciate users who regularly remind others to vote.
  • Reward users who create engaging voting-related memes.
Thanks for playing by the rules. We wish you a delightful experience on our platform. Happy voting!