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Cactus Exchange
Cactus Exchange CACTT
Start09 May 202212:00 UTCEnds30 May 202212:00 UTC
Start09 May 202212:00 UTCEnds30 May 202212:00 UTC
Cactus Exchange is an on-chain crypto trading and liquidity hub that allows you Trade, earn, and win crypto on the decentralized platform
Cactus Exchange is a decentralized exchange platform built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) blockchain.

A Cactus is an exotic looking ower with many shapes and sizes. It is so versatile and strong that it can survive dry and hot regions by storing its own water.

They do not require a lot of maintenance to survive. Just like the Cactus plant, Cactus Exchange draws its strength from the ability to sustain itself and reward users for participating
in the system.

Backed by a strong community, Cactus Exchange has developed a strong reward networking structure. This structure builds the community and enables the growth of the Cactus token (CACTT). No one controls the network. It is completely decentralized. Cactus Exchange hopes to create high liquidity on its swap by using a network marketing structure that highly rewards farming and staking for users.