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Starbot: Become An All-Star Trader

Discover Starbot, the user-friendly Ethereum trading platform on Telegram. Trade tokens easily with advanced features and rewards. Try Starbot now!

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Starbot is a trading platform that allows users to easily, safely and quickly trade tokens on Ethereum, right from the Telegram app. Starbot creates or imports a wallet for the user and makes DeFi trading easier. No more fiddling around with taxes or slippage, no more connecting Metamask to Uniswap, and no more worrying about front-running bots stealing money. Starbot takes care of all settings, allowing its users to do everything in one place. It is designed to be as easy to use as possible, so it shouldn’t be necessary to read instruction manuals - although there is an excellent Gitbook: 

Starbot actively works with selected partners to spread the word, making Starbot the #1 choice in trading platforms for users of all skill levels. The Starbot team has broad connections with Key Opinion Leaders, expert traders with paid and free trading rooms, and other trading platforms and projects in the DeFi ecosystem that are eager to partner with the project. Each of Starbot’s partners will earn their way in and be rewarded for their efforts to grow the Starbot user base and community.

While Starbot started as a Telegram trading platform, future developments include building Starbot as a web app, eliminating the need to use Telegram. Consequently, the Starbot team will add multi-chain functionality to Starbot’s core features and build a Pro Mode which will include advanced features such as Stop Loss, Limit Orders, Profit & Loss Monitor, and much more.

The STAR token allows holders to reap the rewards of Starbot’s generous revenue share and affiliate program, essentially allowing any active user to become a partner. By accumulating STAR tokens, holders are able to achieve higher STAR Tiers, of which there are 9 in total. With each consecutive Tier, holders unlock greater commission fees from their referrals, as well as massive boosts to the revenue share allocation they receive from their STAR tokens.

The Starbot ecosystem is designed for growth and will undoubtedly reach the STARs!

Try Starbot Demo Mode for free (2 ETH play money): 

Or get started with Starbot on Ethereum: 

Join the Starbot Chat to meet other users:

About StarBot

Starbot: Easy-to-use trading platform with secure transactions, AI analytics, and revenue-sharing benefits for STAR token holders.

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