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Unveiling the "Sometimes Alone" Wallet Scanner: Your Crypto Analysis Tool

Discover the beta phase "Sometimes Alone" Wallet Scanner on Telegram for in-depth crypto wallet analysis. Click to explore its features!

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"Sometimes Alone" is a captivating project in the blockchain space that at first glance might be mistaken for another meme-centric endeavor. With its emblematic figure, George the Cat, it could easily be dismissed as just another quirky meme coin. However, this project is a serious endeavor with a suite of tools that add substantial value to the crypto community, focusing on transparency and security.

Introduction to "Sometimes Alone" Project

Beneath the playful veneer of its mascot George the Cat lies the heart of "Sometimes Alone": a Telegram Bot (TG BOT) project that provides live, practical tools for the community. These tools are not just for show; they offer real utility and are designed to empower users with more information and control in the decentralized finance (DeFi) space. The project boasts several innovative features:

The Wallet Scanner

A pivotal tool of "Sometimes Alone" is the Wallet Scanner. This feature allows users to conduct swift and comprehensive research into the wallets of major holders within various projects. It provides insights into metrics such as profitability, holdings, the biggest buys, and the duration of holdings.

The AI Rug Detector

With the prevalence of scams in the crypto world, the AI Rug Detector is a crucial asset. It enables users to scan any Ethereum contract to obtain accurate information on its security, passing through an AI-powered honeypot and rug detection matrix. Users can view detailed statistics such as liquidity, market cap, trading volume, LP (Liquidity Provider) details, and scrutinize contract functions to assess risks.

The Vote Kicker

Addressing the issue of fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD) within the community, "Sometimes Alone" introduces the Vote Kicker. This tool allows the community to democratically vote out members who spread FUD, ensuring a more positive and constructive community environment.

Wallet Scanner highlight

In this article, we want to hone in on one of "Sometimes Alone" project's most promising tools that is currently capturing the attention of the crypto community: the Wallet Scanner. This tool is in its beta phase, showcasing the project's commitment to ongoing development and user-centric innovation. For those eager to explore the capabilities of the Wallet Scanner firsthand, it is accessible through the Telegram bot at This accessibility reflects the project's dedication to transparency and its efforts to provide valuable insights into the intricacies of cryptocurrency holdings and transactions. The Wallet Scanner is poised to become a pivotal resource for traders and investors seeking to navigate the complex landscape of digital assets with greater confidence and knowledge.

The scanner has summarized the activity of a particular wallet. Here's a breakdown of the information typically provided by such scanners, based on the image:

1. First and Last Activity: The dates and times when the wallet first started transactions and the last recorded activity.

2. Overview: This section might include the total number of tokens involved, investment amounts, realized and unrealized profits, total return percentages, win rates, median profit, and average profit per token.

3. Trades: Detailed statistics on the number of trades, profitable versus unprofitable trades, average returns, biggest profit, average holding time, and biggest loss.

4. Behavior: Data on the biggest buy and sell transactions, average buys per token, and the number of trades in the last 24 hours or 7 days.

5. Rugpulls: Information related to potentially fraudulent or failed tokens (rugpulls), including the number bought, the chance of rugpulls, and any losses associated with them.

6. Current Holdings: The wallet currently displays only purchased tokens, excluding airdrops, to ensure accurate profit and loss calculations. Plans are in progress to show all tokens while maintaining precise unrealized profit figures based on purchasable tokens only.

This kind of analysis is useful for traders to assess the performance of their investments and strategies over time. It's also used for transparency, allowing others to see the activity of a wallet, which is important in decentralized finance (DeFi) environments where trust is established through verifiable transactions on the blockchain.

The image you've uploaded is another example of a cryptocurrency wallet scanner report. It provides a detailed analysis of a specific wallet's performance, including data on investments, trades, current holdings, and an overall wallet score. Here's an in-depth look at each section:

Lets analyze sample wallet with Wallet Scanner


- Investment: The total amount invested in different tokens ($196,656).

- Realized: The profit or loss that has been actualized from completed transactions ($132,839).

- Unrealized profit: Potential profit or loss on investments that haven't been sold yet ($62,493).

- Total return: The total percentage return on investment, considering both realized and unrealized profits (99.33% or 1.99x the original investment).

- Win rate: The percentage of winning trades (52.38%).

- Median Profit: The median value of profit across all trades, indicating a typical successful trade's profit (101.63% or 1.02x the investment).

- Avg. Profit: The average profit across all tokens (11.02% or 1.11x the investment).


- Profitable: The number of trades that have made a profit (22 trades).

- Avg. Return: The average return on profitable trades (155% or 1.55x the investment).

- Biggest Profit: The largest single profit from one trade ($6,569).

- Avg. Holding time: The average time profitable tokens were held before being sold (124.54 hours).

- Unprofitable: The number of trades that resulted in a loss (20 trades).

- Avg. Return: The average return on unprofitable trades (63% or 0.63x the investment, which indicates a loss).

- Biggest Loss: The largest single loss from one trade (-$11,710).

- Avg. Holding time: The average time unprofitable tokens were held before being sold (175.44 hours).


- Biggest buy: The largest single purchase made ($5,001).

- Biggest sell: The largest single sale made ($23,745).

- Avg. buys per token: The average number of purchases per token (2.10 times).

- Avg. sells per token: The average number of sales per token (2.38 times).

- Trades in last 24h: The number of trades in the past 24 hours (4 trades).

- Trades in last 7d: The number of trades in the past 7 days (16 trades).


- Rugpulls bought: The number of tokens purchased that turned out to be rugpulls (2 tokens).

- Chance of rugpull: The calculated probability of investing in a rugpull based on past transactions (4.76%).

- Avg. loss on rugpulls: The average loss incurred from rugpulls (-$343).

- Total loss on rugpulls: The total loss incurred from rugpulls (-$686).

Current Holdings

- The wallet's current holdings are focused on showcasing tokens that have been actively purchased, while airdropped tokens are not included at this time due to challenges in calculating profit and loss without a defined purchase price. There are exciting plans underway to expand the display to include all tokens within the wallet. However, to ensure the highest accuracy in financial reporting, the unrealized profit figures will continue to reflect only those tokens with a verifiable purchase history, maintaining the integrity of the financial information provided.

Wallet Score

- 616.53: This score may be a composite metric that evaluates the wallet's performance, risk profile, and other factors. The color gauge may represent the score's position on a scale from poor to excellent.

Value to Users

For users, this report is invaluable as it provides a holistic view of the wallet's activity and success rate. Key benefits include:

1. Performance Tracking: Users can monitor the performance of their investments over time, seeing both successful and unsuccessful transactions.

2. Risk Assessment: The win rate, average returns, and information on rugpulls help users gauge the risk associated with the wallet's trading strategies.

3. Strategic Insight: By observing the biggest wins and losses, as well as the average holding times, users can refine their own investment strategies.

4. Transparency: For potential investors or partners, such a report provides transparency into the wallet’s activity, which can be crucial for trust-building.

5. Behavioral Analysis: Statistics on buying and selling behavior can help users understand the trading patterns and liquidity of certain tokens within the wallet.

6. Real-Time Decision Making: Information on recent trades can inform users about the wallet's current market behavior, which can be crucial for making timely investment decisions.

Overall, this report can serve as a benchmark for evaluating the wallet's performance and making informed decisions on future trades. It’s particularly useful for investors looking to replicate successful strategies or avoid common pitfalls in cryptocurrency trading.

Future Developments

"Sometimes Alone" is not resting on its laurels; there are plans to expand these features with token-gated access levels, enhancing both the exclusivity and security of the tools.

Community and Development

The project maintains a low profile with an intimate community of supporters, but it's poised for growth. Direct communication with the developers reveals a dedicated team with ambitious goals for the project.

In conclusion, "Sometimes Alone" offers a suite of tools that bring security and analytical capabilities to the forefront for its users. By leveraging AI and community-driven features, it stands as a project that transcends its meme-like facade, positioning itself as an innovative player in the crypto tools space.

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