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Raptoreum: Pioneering the Future of Blockchain and DeFi

Explore Raptoreum's unique blockchain architecture, DeFi innovations, and community-driven projects. Discover its impact on cryptocurrency – visit now for more insights!

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Raptoreum, an innovative force in the cryptocurrency space, proudly unveils its unique architecture and groundbreaking features, establishing it as a trailblazer in the blockchain industry. This ASIC/FPGA resistant Proof-of-Work (PoW) cryptocurrency enables asset creation, futures trading at the protocol layer, as well as smart contracts in widely-used languages such as Java and Python.

Project Evolution and Distinct Architecture

Originating from a discussion on improving Ravencoin, Raptoreum embarked on its journey with the first testnet in 2018. Recognized for discovering exploits in the RVN codebase, the project transitioned to the Dash codebase, culminating in the release of the mainnet iteration of the RTM chain on February 26th, 2021. Raptoreum boasts record miner participation, securing its position as the Number 1 CPU mineable coin on Hive OS. Over 62% of the circulating supply is confidently locked in SmartNodes, reflecting strong user confidence. These nodes additionally provide a secondary consensus layer which provides double spend protection for the chain.

Revolutionizing DeFi with a Global Community

Raptoreum stands out in the decentralized finance (DeFi) space by executing most functions without the need for additional contracts. The community actively engages in building custom pools, DeFi initiatives, and various services, showcasing a unique approach compared to other crypto projects.

Innovative Contracting and Scaling Solutions

Unlike EVM-based chains, RTM contracts are executed at the node level with no restrictions, eliminating the scalability issues faced by traditional Layer 1 smart contracts. The project is removing tokens and basic automation from contracts, integrating them into the base protocol. Transactions are moved onto side chains that notarize onto the main chain, and the Ethereum VM is replaced with the trusted and proven Apache Spark.

Unique Tokenomics and Resilient Community

Raptoreum's tokenomics include a maximum supply of 21 billion RTM, a Hybrid PoW/PoS consensus, and a developer fee of 5%. The community, thriving on platforms like Discord, Telegram, Facebook, and Twitter, has remained robust through market fluctuations and continues to grow steadily.

Global Recognition and Media Coverage

Raptoreum has garnered attention in the media, with features on Tomshardware, OwnSnap, Techspot, and other prominent platforms. The project's commitment to innovation and its impact on the cryptocurrency market are acknowledged by industry experts and influencers.

Global Presence and Exchanges

Raptoreum maintains a strong global presence through various channels, including its website, social media, and a range of exchanges such as TradeOgre, DexTrade, Graviex, CoinEX, and others.

Future Developments and Community Engagement

As Raptoreum continues to evolve, the team is actively developing a unique NFT marketplace, enabling users to present and exchange artistic creations and on-chain issued digital items. The project remains committed to its core principles of decentralization, security, and global participation with low entry costs.

Raptoreum's revolutionary approach to blockchain technology positions it as a leader in the cryptocurrency space. For further information and updates, please visit the official website ( and join the vibrant Raptoreum community on Discord, Telegram, Facebook, and Twitter.

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