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Amplifying Crypto Engagement with Netizen

The Power of Action between CoinMarketLeague, Netizen, and Web3ST

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At CoinMarketLeague (CML), we're not just passionate about cryptocurrencies, we're proponents of meaningful connections. We aim to create an ecosystem where crypto-enthusiasts and investors come together, delve into comprehensive data, and foster a thriving community enriched with insights and forecasts.

Alliance with Netizen

Our recent collaboration with Netizen wasn't just another notch on our belt of partnerships; it was an invigorating journey that infused new life into our platform. This union didn't only scale up our services, but it also waved a magic wand across our community, attracting a swarm of new crypto-crusaders.

Netizen's Groundbreaking Methodology

Netizen's breakthrough model of involving everyone in an interactive game to earn XP points ignited a spark in our community. This unique aspect of our alliance transformed our members from mere observers to active participants, creating a vibrant and pulsating environment.

Impact Assessment

The fruits of this collaboration have been sweet and numerous, with the proof in the pudding, or rather, in our soaring engagement statistics. Our tweet count took off like a rocket, marking an increase of 44.4%, with a total of 130 tweets in the past month. Impressions created by these tweets shot through the roof by 90.7%, amassing an astounding 211,000 views. Our profile visits spiked by an unbelievable 364.6%, racking up 23,600 visits. Conversations involving CML jumped by 326.3%, totaling 2,285 mentions. Most impressively, our follower army now stands tall at 10.6k, showcasing a growth of 1,271.

Taking it further, before the Netizen campaign took flight (4 July 2023 to 10 July 2023), our Telegram channel hosted 551 messages from 43 unique users. But the week post campaign ignition (11 July 2023 to 17 July 2023), messages nearly doubled to 1,151, hailing from 75 distinct users.

Our community expanded from 696 to 980 members on Telegram, and our Twitter followership ballooned from 9,208 to a whopping 10,400.

In July alone, our tweet impressions hit a new high of 216K, an uptick of 96.3%. Profile visits and mentions in the same period catapulted by 327.4% and 293.7% respectively, garnering 23K visits and 2,240 mentions. Notably, we added 1,425 new followers, bringing the total to 10.4K.

Retrospective Look: The Netizen-CML Alliance, More than a Merger

Our alliance with Netizen transcended the borders of a typical partnership; it was a collective journey towards exploration and community enrichment. Their ingenious approach to community involvement played a pivotal role in driving our growth. The remarkable success of this venture fuels our excitement for the future, anticipating further collaborative wins for both CML and Netizen.


In the spirit of collaboration, we're thrilled to highlight the involvement of Web3ST. As a part of this shared journey, their participation added a significant layer of dynamism and creativity. The impact of Web3ST is seen in the expanded network, enhanced user engagement, and the introduction of novel ways to experience our platform. Web3ST's contribution has not only amplified our vision but also demonstrated the power of collaboration in the crypto community.


The fruitful journey of the Netizen-CML collaboration demonstrates the immense potential of online communities to interact, evolve, and flourish in intriguing ways. This initiative didn't just propel our engagement statistics, it cemented our community's foundations, fostering a dynamic and vibrant platform.

We extend an open invitation for you to become a part of this exhilarating journey as a member of the CML community. Alongside Netizen, we are reimagining the essence of crypto-community involvement.

Stay abreast of our latest initiatives and explore a future where community engagement is more integrated, rewarding, and invigorating. Follow Web3ST & Netizen on social media and embark on this transformative journey with us.

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