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MoonBoxes is a Mystery Box Program on Binance Smart Chain , Ethereum, Polygon, MoonRiver and added just recently, Doge Chain

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Artists, Content Creators and Token Projects can drop NFT Collections on our platform and create an engaging rich unboxing experience for their communities.

As a user, you can find all NFTs you bought in your Inventory and you can trade these items on our NFT Marketplace, MoonSea. You can also choose to transfer them to another wallet.


Perks as Creator:

  • Listing your collection on MoonBoxes is free of charge
  • Sold items are directly paid to your wallet address
  • You can select in which token you want to be paid
  • Lazy minting of Collections
  • Free tech support

Pekrs for Moonshot Holders:

  • Moonshot holders get a discount on higher Tier boxes
  • Moonshot diamond holders are whitelisted for every drop
  • Moonshot diamond holders have 1 hour early access to every drop




Moonshot Token:

MoonSea NFT Marketplace: