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Meet Moments Market

Discover & earn with new MicroTasks Platform

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Moments Market is an ecosystem designed to facilitate the exchange of time (moments) for reward in the form of cryptocurrency.

The project is focused on micro-tasks which are mini jobs designed to be fulfilled quickly in return for MMT.

$MMT is the platform cryptocurrency that powers Moments Market. A brief history of MMT plus its specifications will follow this overview.

Makers & Movers features

Moments Market is comprised of two user types:

1.   Makers which create the tasks

2.   Movers which complete the tasks

Using the ‘Maker’ account as an example, the user can look through a variety of categories in which a task can be posted.

Once the Maker finds the category, the Maker inputs all the relevant details of the task, such as how much the Mover will be compensated for completing the task, the number of task seats open (how many Movers can apply for that task), and any other requirements for completing the task.

The Maker then pays a miniscule fee for the listing and then submits the task for approval.

If the task does not violate any of the rules in the Terms of Use, the tasks will then be approved and become active.

Once active, the Maker can view the activity from their Dashboard page to see how many Movers have applied and/or completed the task.

Multiple tasks can be submitted for completion as long as the Maker has enough MMT in their site wallet balance to compensate the completion of the tasks posted.

Additionally, a user can upgrade their account type to ‘Premium’. The premium upgrade allows an account to complete up to 20 tasks per day, Non-Premium users can complete 5 tasks per day.

New benefits for premium users will be developed over time.

‘Rewards’ features.

Users can get daily MMT rewards, which also increase in amount as more tasks are completed, just for being users of the site and completing a single task.

These factors are designed to make Moments Market ‘sticky’ and one of the most rewarding cryptocurrency microtask site available.

To assist users in navigating the site, a guide was created and can be viewed here

Hire features

This feature on is more specifically tailored.

While the site to date has focused on micro-tasks, Hire allows people to list classifieds looking for people to complete larger, more involved tasks such as website redevelopment, logo design, data entry … the list is endless.

To create this module we decided to follow the Request approach.

Rather than freelancers being the ones posting ads and people seeking them out, this approach allows people to post details about the job they are looking to complete and have freelancers approach them with a quote and experience, portfolio etc.

Request approach closely aligns with the current MM platform, in that Makers post tasks and Movers complete them.

In this case, Makers now complete a Hire listing and Movers can apply. The key difference is that only one Mover per Hire listing gets chosen because the job at hand is typically more involved.

Hire provides the following features:

·    Specify the maximum number of bids you wish to receive on your listing

·    Once you have selected a winning bidder, you can use the on-platform chat system to organise the completion of your listing

·    Once the Mover has completed the listing to your satisfaction, funds can be released

·    Once the work is completed you can rate and leave feedback on the Mover which then becomes visible when others are looking to pay for their services.


The Hire feature gives Moments Market another entry into a massive global market.

The global Gig economy is worth $1.5 trillion … that’s $1,500,000,000,000. Moments Market now has two key ways into this opportunity — microtasks and Freelancing.

The P2P Marketplace

This feature provides the function to Buy/Sell physical or digital items, from clothing, to antiques and yes, even NFTs.  Sell your NFTs, and other items on the market for a very low fee and leave those expensive ETH gas fees behind. Don't be limited by protocols. You can list just about any NFT on Moments Market. Check out the guide on the P2Pmarket here

Don’t wait, check out Moments Market and keep an eye out for even more new features they are cooking up in the kitchen.

About Moments Market

Moments Market is a microtask platform that is simple to use, fair, transparent and flexible to ensure both Movers and Makers can simply exchange their time for cryptocurrency.

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