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KUMA INU ($KUMA) - Abandoned No More.

KUMA INU ($KUMA) is the FIRST meme coin with utility, a true DeFi revolution.

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Launched on May 12th, 2021 Kuma Inu was created/funded by a $SHIB/$LEASH developer who provided a massive liquidity supply, and left only a blueprint…

The creator has since “abandoned” the project, in true decentralized fashion. The parting gift was to transfer (burn) around $1 million in USD of liquidity tokens, to a dead wallet in October, 2021. 

Where are they now? Here’s where it gets interesting…

Kuma Inu is currently undergoing a test of true decentralization. With a successful community takeover, Kuma Inu is up and running fast.

Even during a bear market, the new community team has created all new socials, updated the website, and have even added to a whitepaper that’s already stacked with utility. 

Kuma Inu is adding a cross-chain swap to their list of live products, as soon as this summer. 

The Kuma “cross-chain” swap will allow users to easily trade (swap) their tokens over the following 10 networks:











All the fees are going to be used for development/marketing and for buyback and burn of their secondary token $dKUMA.

The “cross-chain swap” will join the “Kuma Breeder” this summer as Kuma Inu’s second, already up and running products.

The Kuma Breeder was released shortly a few weeks after Kuma Inu’s launch. The yield farming dApp has since been running strong, with millions in its TVL, ensuring the community can all benefit from it. You can stake meme coins such as $LEASH $ELON $SHIB $AKITA $KUMA to earn $DKUMA, the governance & utility token for the Kuma DEX and its DAO. More pools can be added via community governance.

Following the cross-chain swap there will be a Kuma Breeder update/redesign, and then it’s back to the legendary whitepaper, which includes:

Kuma Dex - a decentralized, vAMM based perpetual contract trading protocol for meme coins. Up to 25x short/long trading, the Kuma Dex is truly something revolutionary for the cryptosphere. On the Kuma Dex you will also be able to stake your $dKUMA for $USDC rewards, and Kuma Dex is governed by $dKUMA.

Kuma Vessel - a decentralized autonomous governance for the Kuma Inu community to control the whole process of marketing, development, and all other parts of the project. All $KUMA holders are project owners. The primary voting coin is $KUMA. 

Kuma Dex DAO - another DAO for Kuma Dex product and development. Since Kuma Dex is the biggest product in the Kuma Inu ecosystem, it will have its own DAO. The primary voting coin is $dKUMA. 

Kuma Vault - a vault system built for maximizing return on investments, Kuma Vault involves pools of funds with an associated strategy on the asset in the vault. ERC-4626 will be used, with many top protocols working towards it.

Comparing the burnt liquidity value, which is higher to its current market cap, $KUMA is truly a “diamond 💎 in the ruff 🐕” .

What is Kuma Inu’s mission? 

To be the first 100% fully decentralized community driven project, in space. But it seems it’s really up to you, the investor. 🚀

View the legendary whitepaper for Kuma Inu and more:

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