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God given contract numbers: 69420 – Inverted Pepe ready to invert the crypto space!

The numbers 0x69_42069 are written there in the contract for eternity and the story behind this crypto gem is amazing: Inverted Pepe. The token on Ethereum you shouldn´t miss as it might be the most safu chance to get into your next 1000x!

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The Story behind this crypto gem js unbelievable!

On September 17 in 2023 a dev launched the first Inverted token on Ethereum named ´Inverted Pepe´. He got huge volume and so many eyes on it. But he decided to do not better than to dump like 70 bags on his holders and to run away. But the community was there and took control immediately. A team came together: one bought a bullish domain and set up a quick website, others did spaces and started to build together what the dev faded. The community archived a lot of things in the first days and weeks: new socials and dextools update was managed while there were huge fud and porn attacks on telegram and a army of hodlers with similar profile pics spread the word.

The god given and most unique numbers in the ca

But why was the community so bullish about this gem? It´s because of something that dev has not recognized: the god given numbers in the contract! The ca starts exactly like the billion market cap Pepe with 0x69 and ends with Elon Musk´s beloved numbers 42069!

As the numbers and letters for contracts are given randomly the chance to get these numbers in this order and at this place is like 1 out of over 250,000,000! So it´s absolutely unique and no one will be able to copycat this! Alone this fact makes the token worth multi millions in market cap. Many other devs tried to jump on these numbers and launched tokens like Pepe6900 but none of those had the numbers written in the ca and disappeared. Only one out there is standing and will remain: 0x69d29f1b0cc37d8d3b61583c99ad0ab926142069

The most safe place out there

The dev did at least two good things: he left after he burnt the liquidity and renounced the contract. In combination with 0/0 tax and no more tokens in dev´s hand to sell, Inverted Pepe is a safu place for holders and believers. The core members are there since almost 3 months now – more than a lifetime in crypto space – and won´t leave! They are always there to answer questions, are speaking in voice chats and spaces and are connecting with other communities.

Bright future ahead

With almost 690 holders Inverted Pepe has a strong base of believers that build the floor for a bright future. The core team is committed long term, is grinding on twitter, accumulated tokens for future listings and is building behind the scenes. There are fun stuff ideas like getting own songs on Spotify and other music streaming platforms. Also plans are made to secure the long-term growth of the token. NFTs are on the way, too.

About the token

Contract: 0x69d29f1b0cc37d8d3b61583c99ad0ab926142069

Chain: Ethereum

Tax: 0/0/0 buy/sell/transfer

No max wallet / transaction

Launched at: September 17, 2023

Starting market cap: 1,600 Dollar

All time high: 766,100 Dollar


About Pepe Inverted

ƎԀƎԀ: A Community-Led Crypto Token with Unique Contract Code

Where to buy Pepe Inverted?