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KumaDex TokenKumaDex Token

Kuma Inu - World, meet $dKUMA!

Kuma Inu is a 100% community-driven DeFi ecosystem consisting of two tokens: $KUMA and $dKUMA.

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$dKUMA, the complimentary token in the Kuma Inu ecosystem is now listed on and, as well as

What is $dKUMA?

$dKUMA is an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain. $dKUMA whitepaper says:

*snippet from the Kuma Inu whitepaper:

What’s next for $dKUMA?

Kuma Inu is launching Kuma SwapX (advanced cross-chain swap) Q3 of this year and 100% of the revenue created by Kuma SwapX will re-distribute into $USDC rewards for dKuma Breeder.

dKuma Breeder will launch after Kuma SwapX and will allow users to stake their $dKUMA and passively earn $USDC.

Kuma Inu team is also working on Kuma DEX, (25x leverage-based long/short perpetual trading dAPP for meme coins) which will additionally re-distribute 50% of its revenue into $USDC rewards for dKuma Breeder.

$dKUMA will be used as the governance and voting token for Kuma Dex.

Where can I get $dKUMA?

Currently, $dKUMA is only available via UniSwap, or you can currently stake your meme tokens like $KUMA, $SHIB, $LEASH, $ELON, and $AKITA on the Kuma Breeder and passively earn $dKUMA. 

Check $dKUMA token contract:

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