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Who Benefits from Aimedis Avalon?

Tomorrow’s tech is finally here with Aimedis Avalon: a healthcare metaverse in which patients and providers alike appreciate and benefit.

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While the primary objective of our platform and the inspiration for Aimedis is and always was patient-centred, investors and venture capitalists have what to be excited about when looking into our company. Earlier this month, we discussed how our patients benefit from Aimedis Avalon’s metaverse offerings; today, we will delve into the financial benefits of our platform for industry, hospitals, and academic centers. The effect of the metaverse on the healthcare industry will undoubtedly be grand over the coming years and decades, and providers themselves are looking forward to the technological advancements of metaverse healthcare applications.

Metaverse cost savings

All areas of healthcare can benefit from metaverse solutions both through the ease of accessing information and the lucrative financial opportunities it presents to administrators, hospitals, doctors, therapists, and pharmacies alike. Hospitals, MCOs, and HMOs benefit from seamless access to patient records and direct financial benefits associated with virtual land: Moving healthcare to the metaverse is more cost effective since land in the metaverse is cheaper than physical real estate. Moving to the metaverse cuts medical supply costs down drastically as well, thereby saving hospital resources for other endeavors such as medical research and in-suite surgeries and other procedures. These cost-savings will trickle down to other stakeholders in the healthcare system including administrators, hospital systems, and healthcare workers. Finally, the metaverse allows hospitals to dramatically cut down their day-to-day operational staff since there will be no (or less) physical buildings to maintain.

Metaverse healthcare workers

Doctors and therapists will benefit practicing in the metaverse by being able to see, diagnose, and treat many more patients per day virtually than they can if they had in-person visits; this directly leads to more billable hours and time-savings with an integrated electronic medical record system and other technological advancements. Recently, there has been a shift of patients wanting to use mail-order or delivery-service pharmacies to get their medications without ever having to step foot into a physical store. The metaverse pharmacies will combine the best of both worlds by offering patients contact-free drug delivery services and counseling by pharmacists all from the comfort of your own home through Aimedis Avalon. Additionally, pharmacies benefit from the metaverse by not having to invest as much capital on brick and mortar stores.


The future of healthcare is bright and the introduction of metaverse offerings is a glimpse into technological advancements that will improve patient care and benefit the bottom-line of heathcare dollar expenditures. Not only do patients benefit from our tech but investors as well are able to reap cost-savings benefits that will trickle down to every area of healthcare. Tomorrow’s tech is finally here with Aimedis Avalon: a healthcare metaverse in which patients and providers alike appreciate and benefit.


Aimedis - an eHealth platform based on blockchain technology, which has been developed since 2017 and released in the current version 2020 for web, iOS and Android.

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