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The new era of cryptocurrency gambling

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Welcome everyone to a new era of online gambling, optimized through the power of the blockchain.

Our journey starts here and our first steps will consist of growing an initial community and showcasing our idea to the world.

These are really competitive times on the blockchain, where the market is extremely saturated and very often the worst ideas make it to the top.

If you believe in the concepts that we’re trying to implement with GambleFi make sure to spread the word around the block, as word of mouth is the best marketing practice out there.

During the next few weeks we’ll focus our attention on growing the community and delivering the necessary documentation to properly showcase our idea to the world, while we finish developments.

Why GambleFi?

There have been many trends during 2021, including GameFi, Yield Farming, NFTs, Metaverse and much more.

One of the trends that haven’t been exploited at all is the gambling one, which is weird considering the similarities between gambling and the current DeFi market.

We thought we could be one of the frontrunners of this segment by dipping our toes and name directly into the concept of Gambling Finance.

Though the name might sound a bit extreme, our intention is to ultimately protect user funds and create an ecosystem that can only run reliably through the blockchain and not through traditional financial methods.

It’s interesting to note the current situation of gambling protocols in 2022. Recently giant Time Wonderland invested a considerable amount into a betting protocol named BetswapGG. This could be a great kickstart for our objectives with GambleFi.

What is GambleFi

GambleFi is a DAO governed protocol, that aims to increase its treasury through innovative features that don’t require the use of its main currency BETIFY.

Our winning ticket feature is our Zero Loss Gambling System, which will not require the use of BETIFY but will continuously help the growth of BETIFY’s intrinsic value.

Our gambling events will allow users to bet on various sports events with the use of a single external asset (AVAX for example). 

14 days before an event users can pick the amount of AVAX they would like to bet and choose their preferred outcome of the event through our betting platform.

User funds will then be accumulated along with other users’ funds for a 7 day “fundraising” period.

After the fundraising period is completed the funds will be moved into the highest single asset staking pool for the asset in question (in this example AVAX).

The duration of this period will be of another 7 days, leading up to the event.

After the completion of the event initial user investments will be redistributed to everyone, and the yield from the 7 days of single asset staking will be distributed to the winners.

This allows us to create our zero loss system, where winners win big and losers never lose. By accumulating user funds we can ensure a significant return from the single staking farm, making our pots juicy.

How Does this Aid the Treasury?

10% of the prize pot will be distributed to the treasury, ensuring the continuous growth of BETIFY’s intrinsic value.

Other features such as our booster boxes will also aid the treasury in a similar way, redistributing funds directly to it.

At its core GambleFi will be a Rebase Token DAO, inspired by protocols such as Olympus DAO.

Our aim is to implement their impressive methodology into a more concrete, trendy and sustainable system.

Our non native token features will allow continuous growth for the rebasing mechanism, incentivising stakers and bond buyers to support the protocol long term.

To be noted: The 10% treasury cut is only taken from the single asset farm yield, and not from initial user investments

Project Launch

We are aiming for a presale launch during the beginning of February.

We’d like to develop our community and brand identity first to ensure that everything is clear for potential investors interested in the project launch.

More info will be reseased during the upcoming days.

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