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Let's Make Shocking Medical Bills History

The Future of Modern Healthcare

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Quality of care, outdated software and social injustice are a few of the most significant problems facing our healthcare system.

However, these issues are primarily systems-based and not patient-centric.

When a revolutionary healthcare platform, such as Aimedis looks at medical care, we shift the perspective and address issues from the patient's eyes.

With that focus, one significant concern comes to the forefront: cost.

Healthcare systems across the globe are known for dumping hefty medical bills on patients' chests with no concern for their ability to pay or the deleterious long-term effects -- both financial and emotional.

The Past Solution

A simple solution to this problem paved the way to health insurance as we know it; yet, insurance is limited: pre-existing conditions, out-of-network providers, prior authorization, and so forth.

Not only does this waste physicians' time negotiating for the care they deem most appropriate, it also ends up costing patients more money, as administrative costs are driven up and premiums rise as a result.

In fact, patients are often surprised to learn that cash prices may be less than insurance prices!

Moreover though, what happens when a patient needs a specific procedure and medical insurance won’t cover it due to a technicality or a myriad of other factors?

In this case, one is forced to liquidate savings, obtain a medical loan, go into debt, or file for bankruptcy. Indeed, medical bills remain a leading cause of individual bankruptcy to this day.

In such cases, where time is critical and of the essence, and during a time in which patients are faced with gruelling emotional demands, time is wasted calculating interest rates, scraping money together, and the opportunity to be level-headed, tension-free, and calm is lost.

Instead, patients are often burdened with financial concerns on top of medical ones.

The Future of Modern Healthcare

Enter Aimedis. Instead of the patient having to use valuables as collateral for a loan or filing for bankruptcy or making other tough decisions to pay for their urgent and surprise medical bills, Aimedis patients can use their Aimedis DataXchange NFT as collateral for the loan and to fund their healthcare.

By using your data you can not only take control of your personal healthcare history but if can also utilize it's value as its owner.

No longer are patients required to pay hefty premiums with unaffordable deductibles and co-pays; your valuables, such as your home and car remain loan-free, and your bank account can be used to fund your everyday living expenses as they normally should.

But, most importantly, no valuable time is wasted and no unnecessary emotional distress afflicted in the patient’s greatest time of need.


The idea behind Aimedis’ NFT and loan collateralization protocol has been in development for over a year now.

As our devs continue to work on the underlying tech, we are seeing more and more opportunity and need to make these features available to patients as soon as possible.

Moreover, we are researching and integrating additional features and tools to expand their use across our line of products and services.

The future of healthcare is in innovative blockchain protocols and Aimedis is at the forefront of that effort.

-The Aimedis Team

About Aimedis:

Aimedis is a novel healthcare ecosystem combining medical records, communication tools, prescriptions, sick certificates, second opinions, IoT and tracker devices, the world's first medical and scientific NFT marketplace, a pharmacy, and a social medical network, a place to meet other patients and connect to healthcare professionals worldwide. Blockchain technology supports trust and credibility of information and data exchange. Aimedis is multilingual and serves people everywhere in the world. Learn more at

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Aimedis - an eHealth platform based on blockchain technology, which has been developed since 2017 and released in the current version 2020 for web, iOS and Android.

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