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Spacecatch Invented The Cryptocurrency Perpetuum Mobile With Unique Move-To-Earn Concept

Join SpaceCatch and earn real money while playing an augmented reality-based game that combines classic mobile games with blockchain technology.

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SpaceCatch is a FreeToPlay and PlayToEarn augmented reality-based game with RPG features. It is the first game of its kind that combines the classic mobile game with modern technologies and blockchain”

The SpaceCatch team has improved the MoveToEarn concept and achieved what previous projects have not. In the game, it will be implemented through the “Potion Crafting”.

Spacecatch has prepared a brand-new Move-to-Earn system for players that really works. Currently, all games running on this model use an inflationary token as a reward, which depreciates with the increasing amount of tokens in circulation, thereby putting early investors in a very difficult position. Additionally, no profit is generated from this usage. Now let us look at some of the ways, the concept designed by SpaceCatch has managed to turn this into a profit-generating model.


Potion Crafting skills

The SpaceCatch team has improved this concept and achieved what previous projects have not. In the game, the Move-to-Earn component will be implemented through the ability of “Potion Crafting”. The player will be able to create various elixirs and boosters that will give them different bonuses and benefits, which will speed up and facilitate their game progress. In classic games, you can buy health or energy points for money. In such a case, the game takes the full profit for itself. However, SpaceCatch fully relinquishes these profits, so players will share them among themselves. This creates added value, and there is no need to use an inflationary token and a “reward” tool. 

Skill levels

The Potion Crafting itself will be divided into levels 1 to 99. At levels 1 to 89, the player will create non-NFT potions that cannot be sold on the market. However, at levels 90 to 99, the player will be able to create (mint) NFT potions, which can then be sold to other players for real money. Since it will not be possible to replenish health, energy, and other abilities other than with potions, players will be forced to buy these potions if they don't want to wait for their health to replenish, and so on.

To support this entire metaverse ecosystem, NFT potions will have significantly higher bonuses than non-NFT potions. For example, the Healing potion that replenishes a player's health will provide a bonus of +10 to +150 HP at levels 1 to 89. However, at levels 90 to 99, NFT potions will provide a bonus of up to +300 to +1000 HP. Not only does this motivate players to produce these potions, but also motivates them to buy them, as they will significantly facilitate and speed up game progress.


To maintain the movement element in this concept, players will only be able to obtain items for potion crafting through physical activity. The game will provide players with packages for walking, running, and cycling as well as for calories burnt. Monitoring physical activity will be provided through support for multiple fitness apps.


In the next article, we will take a closer look at the items and types of potions you can create in the game.



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