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What is SCHO & Scholaroids?

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What is SCHO?

·        Scholarship Coin (SCHO) is a cryptocurrency that has been developed by the World Scholarship Foundation with the ambition to power a revolutionary scholarship system that will incentivize students based on their academic performance in their recognized institution.


How Many SCHO Coins Are There in Circulation?

·        SCHO has a limited supply of 20 million coins that can be mined via an hybrid mining system operated by Proof of Work (POW) and Proof of Stake (POS) before being brought into circulation.

·        7+ million coins have already been mined.



·        SCHO will be used to operate the Scholarship Reward System (SRS).

·        The World Scholarship Foundation will participate in the mining process of SCHO and other cryptocurrencies to fund its operations and purchase more SCHO as required over time to maintain operational requirements of the SRS.


Who are the Founders of the Scholarship Coin?

·        World Scholarship Foundation is a non-profit organisation that is managing the continued support of the Scholarship Coin infrastructure and Scholarship Reward System (SRS).

·        The founders of the project have a good understanding of cryptocurrency economics.

·        Their strong points are project management, programming, development and strategic communications.

·        This initiative paves the way as the first official charitable cryptocurrency project. It is an opportunity to demonstrate real case usage of blockchain technology to leverage social development and wealth.

·        The foundation aims to demonstrate the true benefits of cryptocurrencies for society by tackling the issues which revolve around access to proper education, an area that needs strong support across the world.

·        The main objective of this project is to demonstrate how cryptocurrency can power social infrastructures and contribute to a positive evolution factor for humanity.


Where Can I Buy Scholarship Coin (SCHO)?

·        SCHO is available for trading on:





What utility will the NFT’s (Scholaroids) have?

·        Scholaroids will evolve throughout the course of the student’s studies.

·        Features will be unlocked with accumulated grades, passed semesters and earned degrees.

·        Each Scholaroids are original and never one will be exactly the same.

·        Once a student decides to end his education career, he can decide to sell his Scholaroid or keep it.

·        When someone purchases a Scholaroid, he will be able to link it to his SRS account.

·        If a student already has a Scholaroid on their account, adding an additional Scholaroid to their account will give them more earning power on their scholar performance. The extra earning power will depend on the maturity level of the purchased Scholaroid.

·        If a person, who has a past education background from recognized instution and never had an SRS account, purchase a mature Scholaroid from a previous SRS student, that person becomes eligible to collect rewards from his completed years of studies. The allowed redeemable years will be established by the maturity level of the purchased Scholaroid.

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