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The Evolution of Crypto: How RatCoin is Redefining Digital Currency

Imagine a world where digital currency replaces traditional money. This article delves into how RatCoin is leading this change, with its aim to provide real, meaningful uses for cryptocurrency beyond just trading.

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In early 2020 the RatCoin became a worldwide phenomenon and as a result a very creative administration team formed behind it. The team quickly saw the potential of the RatCoin realizing that there was much more to this cryptocurrency than just trading and in late 2021 they decided to prove it; they formed the very first RatCoin Marketplace on Facebook. The new marketplace was meant to be a test pilot used to gauge investor interest and take the first steps at creating RatCoin's utility. The marketplace utilized simple peer to peer wallet transactions with no intermediary involving the sale of NFTs, coins, notes, electronics, apparel, sports memorabilia, trading cards, and collectables solely in RatCoin currency. The marketplace also stimulated community engagement increasing the coin's trading volume at its various exchanges. The site was a moderate success resulting in numerous transactions amongst the community creating utility for RatCoin for the very first time.

Similar to the RatCoin another cryptocurrency by the name of Dogecash was also created back in 2018. The two coins, unbeknownst to each other, both became members of the CoinMarketLeague Community with their coins being showcased for voting on the website: It was only a matter of time that a partnership between the two coins would form. The Dogecash team was diligently working on their Dogecash App and after some time invited the RatCoin to be listed on their platform.

As a result of its listing on the Dogecash App and partnership with the Dogecash Community, RatCoin will be offering the following current and forthcoming features:

  1. Mobile/web wallet
  2. Discord tipping bot
  3. Exchange with FIAT without KYC
  4. Merchant payment capability and
  5. Gift card store integration.
The Dogecash App is a very simple, easy to use application that can be downloaded for either your cell phone or your desktop computer.

  1. Mobile/web wallet - This is a very user-friendly wallet that allows you to receive, send, and store your coins easily. RatCoin previously only offered a windows QT wallet for desktop computer and this new multi-coin mobile wallet will now allow you to store your RatCoin on your iPhone or Android. It also provides a 2nd desktop wallet for storage of the RatCoin along with staking rewards for all the other coins included. This app is also a safe haven for storage of many other up and coming coins on the platform.
  2. Discord Tipping Bot - Similar to other tipping bots, this feature will allow the RatCoin admins to send RatCoin to other community members for rewards, community engagement, and payment of services. The bot will both withdraw from and connect to RatCoin's community wallet on the Dogecash App.
  3. Exchange with FIAT without KYC - Coming Soon! First, the exchange will give users the ability to spot trade Dogecash with each of the coins listed on the platform including RatCoin. Second, the new exchange will not require any "Know Your Customer" (KYC), in other words, users will not need to submit any identification documents to become verified on the exchange. Third, the exchange will allow for the creation of liquidity pools for additional trading pairs between each of the other coins. Finally, the exchange will allow for users to purchase Tether (USDT) directly with US Dollar and other fiat currencies without KYC! Even at the largest exchanges with the most popular cryptocurrencies KYC is typically required whenever fiat currency is exchanged, so being able to buy crypto without any identification documents is the most compelling feature of the Dogecash App.
  4. Merchant Payment Capability - Coming Soon! Think of how Paypal works with US Dollar and other fiat currency. This will give users the ability to utilize RatCoin and any other coin on the platform to make purchases at various online retailers; another feature that is often available only for the most popular cryptocurrencies.
  5. Gift Card Store Integration - Coming Soon! Imagine the ability to take another step into online utility with the ability to buy gift cards from various retailers solely in RatCoin currency. There is much to be excited about going forward.
So while RatCoin continues its quest to infest both your life and exchanges around the world it has now has been set up for forthcoming utility capability, an exciting new development for the coin. In closing, the Dogecash App is intended to provide smaller cryptocurrencies with many of the features of the larger cryptocurrencies.

You can purchase RatCoin (RAT) at one of the following exchanges:

You can download the Dogecash App at the following URL:

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