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Purchasa status update

Purchasa is leading up to the BETA and Advance Product Development

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Firstly, we would like to personally thank everyone for being a part of the Purchasa Community.

It’s been great to see 1200 amazing Telegram community members, over 3000 Twitter followers, and 200 holders of the PCA token within the first 48 hours after launch.

You helped us fill the public sale and get the PCA token listed on PancakeSwap.

This is just the beginning, as we take this platform to new levels.

Right after we got listed on PancakeSwap our community members asked us to lock the liquidity, and we responded to people’s requests.

 Liquidity is now locked on PinkSale for 6 months, as we create our Token Lock smart contract.

You can learn more about the Liquidity lock information at this link

We will always be a community-driven platform, listening to feedback, and making sure to take on board what you have to say.

Your benefit of holding the PCA token is the power to assist in governance and protocol direction.

Now, let’s talk about the future.

Where are we headed next?

We have applied at CoinGecko and Coin Market Cap, and we’ll get their reply soon.

Getting the correct market cap publicly listed is a crucial step.

As of the writing of this article, statistics show a max supply of 250,000,000 at a total market cap of $715,000, as our circulating supply is at 32,000,000 with a total market cap value of $100,000.

Do you realize how early in the stage you have decided to join us?

We’ve decided to run only a small raise, and launch with a modest market cap.

By doing this all of our early holders will get rewarded!

From a short-term marketing perspective.

Let’s keep building the community.

Next week we have an AMA booked. It’s in a small but very active community, owned by the AMA manager of PinkSale.

We are also actively looking for more communities to run AMA sessions.

We do have some criteria for the type of communities we want to work with.

They need to have a good level of engagement, and the community should have a history of people that invest in projects, and most importantly, we want the community to be full of real members.

As we find more communities that fit the criteria, we will run marketing campaigns and AMAs with them.

We are also starting to run paid ad campaigns on social media including different forms of promotions on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Reddit.

And that’s not all. We also have a surprise promo video that will be ready soon.

This promo video will showcase some of the features and benefits of the Purchasa platform.

We’ll use this video in our marketing campaigns and help raise awareness about Purchasa.

These strategies will help us bring more members into the community.

Our core values as a platform are honesty, transparency, respect, and providing value.

We only ask that you implement these values in the community, and share this project with everyone to help keep the community growing in a positive way.

All of us will benefit from this, as our conversations shift towards our values, we will see this reflect on the value of the PCA token itself.

If you are interested in us running PCA giveaways such as Twitter posting and meme competitions, let us know.

We welcome any kind of idea brought by the community!

From a development perspective.

As we continue to implement functionality, we are in the process of hiring a Quality Assurance member to help find bugs and issues on the platform.

We are also discussing which cryptocurrencies we are going to implement for launch.

One idea we are currently looking into, could help us collaborate with other crypto communities, and help get us a lot of growth, awareness and adoption.

Aside from the promo video, we are going to soon start showing some sneak peaks of the platform itself.

Leading up to the BETA launch

We will be pushing our marketing efforts further and further as we move closer to the Beta launch.

We’re testing campaigns to target investors, merchants, and consumers to get them to join the Purchasa platform and our community.

We’re also building the ambassador program that we discussed in the AMA.

Other marketing strategies will include more sales funnels targeting new investors, more AMAs, more giveaways, more referral marketing campaigns, and… a lot more!

Again, I want to personally thank everyone for being a part of this project.

You’re the ones motivating us to work harder, to bring something incredible to the market, and help us support the mass adoption of cryptocurrency in the retail space.

Looking forward to what’s next and to getting to know everyone in the community!

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