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RatCoin mentioned in the Netflix movie “Don’t Look Up”

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On behalf of the RatCoin Community we would like to thank the writers of the Netflix movie “Don’t Look Up” for giving RatCoin a direct name drop at 1 hour and 21 minutes into the film. “Don’t Look Up”, starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence is, per, “Netflix’s second most popular film debut to date, coming in around 4 million viewing hours short of Netflix’s crown jewel Red Notice.”  

As a result of this movie mention back in December of 2021 our community exploded. 

People came out of the woodwork to learn more about our coin and our community. 

Not long afterwards our new investors also saw that RatCoin was paying 225% annual interest for staking while also giving them the ability to purchase NFTs directly using RatCoin currency.

RatCoin is a meme/utility coin with its own blockchain, not a token. 

It has a market cap of only $300,000 and consists of only five billion coins in circulation that are intended to replace fiat currency. 

RatCoin has been around since 2018 and recently issued a Quarter 1 2022 report listing a long list of its accomplishments in the past year. 

We invite you to join our community as we now have Telegram chat rooms in five languages and just rolled out a brand new website.

You can trade RatCoin at and

Learn more about RatCoin by visiting

The goal of this project is quite simple: Deploy a fun coin that will ever infest your life. It is clear, once the infestation begins there will be no stopping it!

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