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VEFramework as Neblio's Industry 4.0 and IoT adoption layer!

Industry 4.0 will be a heavy focus for Neblio moving forward. We want to build the blockchain powered infrastructure for companies that will digitalize their business processes and systems.

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Industry 4.0 will be a heavy focus for Neblio moving forward. We want to build a blockchain-powered infrastructure for companies that will digitalize their business processes and systems. So some background reading could give some context about what Neblio and VEFramework are trying to achieve.

About Neblio

Neblio was born in early 2017 out of the need for intuitive tools and simple solutions to drive the adoption of blockchain technology in the enterprise space.

We’ve created an open-source suite of software solutions and a token protocol (NTP1) that simplify the development and deployment of applications utilizing blockchain technology in industries such as Supply Chain, Records Management, Gaming, Asset Tracking, Identity Management, and much more.

We continually focus on innovative ideas and partnerships to promote the development and industry-wide adoption of distributed ledger technology.

As experts in designing, building, deploying, and managing blockchain networks, we offer business and enterprise customers support and consulting services to guide the deployment of Neblio’s blockchain technology within their organization. We enable clients and users to utilize the technology of the Neblio Platform to drive business value through efficiency and lower costs compared to legacy architectures.

Neblio Token

Neblio is 100% Proof Of Stake Coin. All transactions on the Neblio Blockchain Network are secured by the efficient P-O-S distributed consensus algorithm.

Just by leaving the core desktop wallet open and connected to the network, users are helping to ensure the operation and security of the decentralized global Neblio network.

For doing so, users are rewarded for their part in creating new blockchain blocks and verifying each block full of transactions and information that power the network.

This encourages users to actively participate in governing, operating, and securing the network via staking.

The Proof-of-Stake consensus model used by Neblio is vastly more efficient, so much so that you won’t even notice your wallet application is using CPU power while you are staking your coins, or see it on your energy bill. Staking can even run on the tiny Raspberry Pi.

Examples of Neblio use cases by our partners.

Coruzant Technologies

#Neblio has formed a strategic partnership with Coruzant Technologies. A US-based digital tech publication is the first of its kind built on the blockchain, using our class-leading enterprise-grade infrastructure. 

Read more:

Production Line Framework

In partnership with Neblio, PL Framework utilizes Neblio Blockchain technology to securely and immutably log supply chain data to the blockchain directly from the production floor. Robots, conveyors, scanners, and other machinery on the production line can easily log data to the blockchain for use in manufacturing quality control, warranty information, error handling, machinery maintenance, and more.

PL Framework is a unique software suite for controlling and automating modern production lines. PL Framework was designed and launched 2020 in close cooperation with the company TIER1 automotive which operates more than 10 factory locations and provides ‘Digital Transformation’ technology for factories. PL Framework is designed to handle a wide variety of applications, from the control of entire production lines, to simply grabbing and logging data from the robots, molding machines, and other industrial equipment.

Learn more about PLF at the PL Framework website and on the Founder’s Twitter.

About Neblio