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NFTmall News April

Latest updates from NFTMall

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As you are aware, we have participated in Moralis- Avalanche hackathon 

➡️ We have won several prizes in the hackathon including IPFS and Avalaunch.🙌

➡️ IPFS team was so impressed and promised to give a grant as well as the hackathon prize.🎉

👏 We’ve integrated Transak ( to allow users to purchase crypto using fiat directly on our site.

It’s the service used by Metamask, TrustWallet and soon $GEM will be available to all Transak users once liquidity conditions are met.

👏 We’ve also integrated UnstoppableDomains (, to allow UD community log in using UD wallet and transfer to UD.

➡️ NFTmall has been selected in the Amazon Web Service Activate program, an incubation program from AWS for the most innovative startups.

➡️ We have got an offer from the ThunderCore ( team to launch NFTmall on their blockchain & receive a grant.

✅ We have started the ThunderCore integration process. This exclusive partnership will make NFTmall the default #1 NFT marketplace on their chain, providing all-in-one NFT solutions to their 70K daily active users and existing & upcoming NFT projects.

🔜 The ETA for this launch is Mid April.

➡️ As a multi-chain NFT infrastructure provider, we also have offers from various other chains to launch NFTmall as the default #1 NFT marketplace on their chain. We are currently exploring the possibilities.

🔜 We are currently developing “Google of NFT” (NFT explorer). A robust API through which users will be able to find all chain NFTs/ NFT projects using the NFT search engine. Apart from using ourselves, we will also provide this API solution to third-party dapps under conditions such as NFTmarketplace, NFTAnalytics websites, and Various interested wallets willing to show nfts of various chains in the user's wallet etc. 

✅ NFTmalls “NFT explorer” will be a handy tool or guide for various chains NFT traders/investors or newcomers in the NFT market since users will find all individual NFTs or NFT projects minted on all the different chains, including their Rarity information.

✨ NFTmall = Multichain NFT infrastructure provider, powerful NFT API + Physically redeemable NFT Marketplace + Launchpad.

💯 Thank you very much for supporting us!

About NFTmall

NFTmall = Multichain NFT infrastructure provider + Powerful NFT API + NFT materialisation service + Launchpad.