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New Feature: P2P Swap Pool

Not only can you earn crypto by completing tasks, selling your items in the marketplace, referrals, and competing in games & contests, but you can now swap between listed cryptocurrencies on-site. That’s right, you can conveniently swap between crypto assets on-site. The process is simple as shown above. Just go to the swap page, click on a cryptocurrency you want to swap, and swap (as long as the Pool has enough funds to cover the swap). These crypto are currently available for swaps: BTC/MMT/Doge/SCC/DogeC

The pools are funded initially by the team but will then be funded by users swapping between the pools. There is a small fee for the currency swap. When you choose to swap, the prices are based on the current price at the time of the swap, prices are updated every 5 minutes (from Coingecko).

New Coin Listing: DogeCash (DogeC)

We would like to welcome our latest listing DOGECASH to Moments Market, please feel free to visit their discord and say hello. DogeCash is a Proof of Stake (POS) coin, with a Masternode governance system that allows Masternode holders to choose the path to go. DogeCash also adopted privacy as a fundamental right, utilizing the ZDOGEC protocol, making transactions secure and untraceable. Check out their website here

Once again thanks to the Moments Market Community and our partners and affiliates for all your continued support. Together we will continue to grow and make Moments Market the #1 spot for crypto utility.

About Moments Market

Moments Market is a microtask platform that is simple to use, fair, transparent and flexible to ensure both Movers and Makers can simply exchange their time for cryptocurrency.

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