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Kuma SwapX Cross-Chain Swap has Launched!

The Kuma Inu Team released Kuma SwapX cross-chain swap on September 24, 2022.

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Kuma SwapX Cross-Chain Swap has Launched! 0% On-Chain Trade Fees for a Limited Time Only!

The Kuma Inu Team released Kuma SwapX cross-chain swap on September 24, 2022. 

You can check it out at

Kuma SwapX goes beyond that of a traditional swap and allows users to trade any coin/asset over multiple blockchains. A traditional swap such as Pancakeswap or Uniswap limits users to trading on a single blockchain network. 

To be more specific Kuma SwapX launched with the ability to trade across six different blockchain networks: 

Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, Polygon, Avalanche, Fantom, Arbitrum.

Four more networks will be added at a later date (Harmony, Aurora, Solana, Moonriver), for a grand total of 10 blockchain networks tradeable through Kuma SwapX.

On-chain swaps trading fees on Kuma SwapX are 0.3% (Same as Pancakeswap and Uniswap).

Cross-chain swaps trading fees on Kuma SwapX are 0.9%.

To celebrate the launch of Kuma SwapX, for a limited time only there is 0% on-chain trade fees. During this time, users will be able to enjoy 0% trade fees on any swaps within the same blockchain network.

There is already an extensive number of reputable coins/tokens included in SwapX’s token lists. Additionally users will be able to import virtually any coin/token on their own if it is available on one of Kuma SwapX’s included blockchain networks.

This is the first product to be brought by the community team and is a stepping stone in achieving the Kuma Inu vision of a revolutionary, utility-driven, DeFi ecosystem. In light of that vision the Kuma Inu team will designate revenue collected from Kuma SwapX to be used as $USDC rewards for $dKUMA staking on their next product, dKuma Breeder. 

 dKuma Breeder is a staking/farming dAPP and users will be able to stake/farm their $dKUMA to passively earn $USDC. 

dKuma Breeder can be expected in Q4 of 2022 and will be yet another revolutionary product the Kuma Inu team has brought this year to the DeFi space.

Dubbed “the first meme with utility” we can see Kuma Inu is here to stick around. They are steadily maintaining and improving on their status as integral players in both the meme and DeFi spaces.

Check out an official trading guide for Kuma SwapX in this Kuma Inu team Medium article

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