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NFTs with REAL Decentralized Utility – Coming Soon

Unlocking the Future of Utility-Meme Crossovers: How Kuma Inu is Pioneering Decentralized Apps and NFTs with Real-world Utility

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NFTs have surged in popularity and created quite a buzz in the last couple of years, however, we have only scratched the surface of their full capabilities and potential utility.

The Kuma Inu project, dubbed “the first meme with a utility”, is a community-driven decentralized ecosystem backed by meme coins. Through community-driven collaboration, they have created a multitude of utility-based decentralized web apps including, Kuma Breeder, dKuma Breeder, Kuma SwapX, Kuma DAO, and Kuma DEX DAO. Kuma Inu’s main product, Kuma DEX, a 100% decentralized vAMM-based perpetual trading contract for meme coins is highly anticipated and in the early stages of community funding and development.

Incorporating NFTs into a decentralized utility-based community project like Kuma Inu provides many interesting possibilities.

Very soon, we will see the Kuma Inu project release Kuma Inu Beach Club NFTs on their very own decentralized NFT marketplace Kuma Artium. The Kuma Inu Beach Club NFTs will provide legitimate utility for investors and 100% of the proceeds will go to funding development of Kuma DEX. Kuma DEX and Kuma NFTs are 100% created by the hands of the Kuma Inu community and its investors. With a sold-out collection, the Kuma Inu project will be able to fully fund the development of Kuma DEX.

What Utilities do the NFTs possess?

There are two global utility traits and two specific utility traits among the Kuma Inu Beach Club NFTs.

Global traits:

Kuma DEX fee reduction: All Kuma Inu Beach Club NFT holders will receive a small fee reduction when trading on Kuma DEX.

Early access to new Kuma DEX features: All Kuma Inu Beach Club NFT holders will be eligible for early access to certain new Kuma DEX features.

Specific traits:

$USDC staking boost: Select Kuma Inu Beach Club NFTs will grant the holder access to an increased return on $USDC staking rewards through Kuma DEX.

Extra leverage trading levels: Select Kuma Inu Beach Club NFTs will grant the holder access to different levels when leverage trading on Kuma DEX.

Head over to the Official Kuma Inu Telegram group where the community development team will be announcing the official mint date and time for the Kuma Inu Beach Club NFTs. You can expect the official announcement in the coming weeks.

Total # of NFTs: 1000

Mint Price: 100 USDC

View a complete in-depth article on the decentralized process behind the Kuma Inu Beach Club NFTs.

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