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🎲 Zero Loss Sports Betting Frontend Reveal 💻

Interact with GambleFi DAO platform for the first time!

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As previously mentioned in our timeline, today marks the launch of our frontend for the Zero Loss Sports Betting platform, allowing our users to get a glimpse of what is to come in the upcoming weeks. As of now the platform is not connected to smart contracts, so it’s not possible to bet on it, but we thought it would still be great to get our users familiar with the platform before launch and see what their response is.

Available Pages 📄

Here are some of the pages that you’ll be able to view and navigate while waiting for the full platform to be released. You can access the betting platform preview at


The Dashboard will be your home on the Sports Betting platform, where you’ll be able to navigate the main events available, and the various sports that are featured on our platform. You can also bet directly through the dashboard, in a simplified 1X2 betting system. As you can see from the page each bet will showcase which asset you’ll need to use in order to join the bet, and your deposit can be done directly from the dashboard through a simple smart contract call. There is no need to transfer funds on a custom wallet on the betting platform.

Match Page

The match page is the page where you’ll be able to bet on events in a more in depth way, through various additional betting options. For example for UFC fights you’ll be able to bet on over/under, specific rounds and possibly exact ways the fight will end. On this page you’ll also be able to check specific information about the farm that will be used for the bet in question, such as: Farm Provider, Farm Token, Farm APR, Prize Pot Details, Number of Players, Contract Address.

Bet History

The Bet History page collects all of the previous bets you’ve made on the platform, in order to keep track of all of your activity accordingly. It also allows you to view your active bets and claim prizes for previously won bets. The page also showcases other useful information, such as: Start of the Match, Total Value Bet, and the Number of Players.

Conclusion ✌🏻

We are getting closer and closer to the Testnet launch of the platform, where you’ll finally be able to see the platform in action. So stay tuned for it, as we’ll have a lot more articles to cover each timeline event as it unfolds.

Now that the first timeline checkmark has been passed we’re onto the next one, which is the completion of the Smart Contracts on the 27th of March.