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4thTech Discord Server is Live

With the recent community and user rise, a more structured and spam resistant communication ecosystem had to be developed.

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With the recent community and user rise, a more structured and spam resistant communication ecosystem had to be developed.

Here comes the 4thTech Discord Server.

Developed to support and grow the community, the 4thTech Discord acts as a one-stop-shop and a future home of all 4thTech.

As with any new home, we will need your help making it warm and inviting to all new community members.

Sadly also Discord is plagued by scams and spam.

We gave this a lot of thought and in the end, only one solution presented as viable.

As 90% of the 4thTech community holds $FOUR all access to main channels will be gated, opening communication access only to $FOUR holders.

This does not exclude all the scammers and spammers, but will most likely eliminate most of them. Despite this fact please follow the main safety guidelines;

⚠️ Don’t share your private keys with anyone.

⚠️ Be suspicious of anyone asking for funds, wallet addresses, or private keys.

⚠️ Team members will never ask for private keys or funds!

⚠️ Team members will always have you DM them first!

4thTech Discord Server invite ➡️


Channel Description

📄 Rules & access | Read about the 4thTech Discord server rules and moderation policy (🔍read-only).

🔗 Links | Access the 4thTech ecosystem and read about the technology, use cases and more (🔍read-only).

🚨 Newbie Verification | The channel is dedicated to user verification. Here all users can enable the @Newbie role.

⚠️ Report spams & scams, an open channel where you can report users attempting spam, scam or identity theft (🔓open-access).

📢 Announcements | Channel dedicated for official project announcements (👌reaction-only).

💬 General discussion | This channel is dedicated to our $FOUR holder community where the project can be discussed in an open forum (🤖$FOUR-right-to-access).

🐦 Twitter feed | Read the latest @4thtechProject Twitter posts all gathered in one place (👌reaction-only).

📽️ YouTube feed | Watch the YouTube 4thTech tutorials, promo films, events and other project-related video content (👌reaction-only).

🔧 4thTech support | FOURwaL, FOURdx, FOURns & FOURim technical support channel dedicated to solving possible onboarding challenges or technical issues. Live support is available on weekdays. Open issues will be addressed in less than 24 hours (🤖$FOUR-right-to-access).

👍 Governance signalling | This channel is dedicated to 4thTech proposal community signalling. There are two ways how to signal your preferences and influence on the project development; (1) channel posts 👍 👎 proposals; (2) Snapshot signalling.

🗳️ Snapshot is a decentralized voting signalling system that allows ERC-20 $FOUR holders to signal their preferences on 4thTech proposals but will not replace the governance structure. Voting on Snapshot is user-friendly and does not cost gas as the process is performed off-chain. 4thTech is using Snapshot to allow users to signal their preferences on the project proposals (🤖$FOUR-right-to-access).

🗣️ Events & Appearances | Listen or watch 4thTech on conferences, podcasts and other events (👌reaction-only).

💡 Use cases | Blockchain already establishes its technology and its decentralized advantages. Now it is on us to develop useful use cases from the 4thTech framework and enable online privacy of data and communication. Open for @Members, this channel is a valuable source of 4thTech web 3.0 use cases and adoption examples (🤖$FOUR-right-to-access).

📑 Articles | Learn and dive deeper into 4thTech technology, news, announcements (👌reaction-only).

🔬 Research | Research papers form a framework behind any development, discover ours (👌reaction-open).

❔ FAQ | We’ve tried to answer the most frequent questions about 4thTech, technology and features, interoperability and Uses (👌reaction-only).

⚙️ Dev | Technical channel used for developers and protocol adopters (🤖$FOUR-right-to-access)

⚠️ Bug reports | This channel is dedicated to community bug discovery (🤖$FOUR-right-to-access).

🤝 Partnerships | This channel is dedicated to partnership announcements (👌reaction-only)

💎 Ambassadors | Become the 4thTech ambassador, spread the good word, bring the next big partner, share the rewards. This channel is dedicated to 4thTech ambassador nominations, where the community can nominate individuals for their dedications. (💎@Ambassador-right-to-access).

📖 There are several ways to become a 4thTech ambassador; (1) contributing by onboarding new end users or enterprises; (2) building and expanding 4thTech; (3) supporting the project in a specific way. The ambassador status is granted to the individual by the core team and is not automated.

😊 Volunteer here | There is a ton to do. If you would like to learn about the industry and help build the 4thTech ecosystem you can volunteer here (🤖$FOUR-right-to-access).

🎨 DOF Depot | As a part of the creative room category, the DOF Group depot channel is managed by the 4thTech design and production partner, DOF Group. Here you can find a history of project design development. The channel will bring unreleased / released graphical content related to the development of the 4thTech ecosystem and services (👌reaction-only).

💈 Design 3.0 | 4thTech 3.0 update brings a new platform design with an updated user interface packed with additional features and step-by-step onboarding. The DOF Group handles the 3.0 design and shares its development. This channel will feature reiterations and updates regarding the development of the 3.0 design and the journey behind bridging together the business and crypto spaces in terms of design (👌reaction-only).

🎉 Design contest | This channel is dedicated to incentify the community to participate in building the next steps toward the 4thTech future design framework. The community will be able to vote on major design decisions and turning points regarding the future of the project (🤖$FOUR right to access).

🔗 DOF Group Links; (1) Website:; (2) Instagram: (dof_group); (3)LinkedIn:, and; (4) Twitter: (dof_group)


For clarity regarding the server roles and what they mean:

*@Newbie — All newcomers (enable role in the 🚨newbie-verification ) *@Member — $FOUR holders (enable role in the 🤖join-member-role ) *@Admin — Project admins

*@Guest — Project guests (enabled by the team)

*@Team — Developers, management, and other Staff

*@Mod — Chat moderators (assigned by the team)

*@Partner — Project partners (enabled by the team)

*@Ammbasador — Notable and helpful community members

(enabled by the team)

@Newbie Role Access:

Click the ✅ in the 🚨newbie-verification reaction to verify yourself into the server and enable the @Newbie role.

@Newbie role enables users to communicate in designated channels:

*🚀 lets-start

@Newbie role enables users to add a reaction to dedicated channels:

*📢 announcements

*🐦 twitter-feed

*📽 youtube-feed

*🗣 events-appearances

*📑 articles

*🔬 research-papers

*❔ faq-resources

*📓 tutorials-and-guides

*🎨 dof-depot

*💈 design-3–0

$FOUR @Member Gated Channel Access

$FOUR is a multi-chain asset and technical component that enables 4thTech tokenization with transaction discount staking, right to access and governance signalling. $FOUR enables the @Member role with the right to access. The users can connect to @Member only channels using Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain and Polygon $FOUR (ERC-20 FOUR, BEP-20, PoS FOUR). There are no network fees, but the minimum wallet balance of 4k $FOUR is needed.

@Member role opens full communication access to;



*👍 governance-signalling

*💡use-cases ⚙dev




How does bot work? is a Discord bot used by Discord admins to assign roles to users automatically based on your wallet balance. The official bot will only require permission to your public signature to verify you are the authentic owner of the wallet you linked. Upon providing your public key signature, It detects the $FOUR assets in various networks (Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon) that you owned in your crypto wallet and assigns Discord @Member role based on that ownership.

⚠️ Warning: Please note there are many fake bots that scam and cheat users by getting permission to take your tokens or linking you to fraud websites. These sites can ask for your private key or seed phrase which cypher out your entire wallet easily.

Steps to Join Discord $FOUR @Member Role

⚡️ Step 1: Look for the 🤖join-member-role channel in 4thTech Discord.

⚡️ Step 2: Click “Let’s go”, “connect wallet” which pops out and click “Connect to a wallet”.

⚡️ Step 3: Select “MetaMask” to begin the verification

⚡️ Step 4: Follow the instructions to have your wallet sign the connection request from the bot.

⚡ ️Step 5: You should be able to see @Member Role in your discord profile after successfully verifying. Add yourself to the @Member role and join the gated 4thTech channels.

💡 Note: It can take up to 2 minutes before bot processes data in discord.

The 4thTech’s Discord Moderation Policy

🚫 No speculation, price talk, or OTC offers or requests are allowed.

🚫 Do not send pointlessly long or separated messages, spam nonsense or advertise content. This includes emotes, gifs, excessive and irrelevant links, and of course, advertisements. Please keep discussions on-topic

🚫 Don’t DM users without their permission, and do not ping the entire team for questions. Utilize the right channels for assistance, such as support.

🚫 No obscene hurting content. This includes text, images, or links featuring nudity, sex, hard violence, or other graphically disturbing content.

🚫 No shilling, promotional posts, referral links, server invites, advertisements, etc. This includes DMing users, as well.

🚫 Please do not discuss any other projects and/or altcoins entirely.

⚠️ Report users in report spam & scam, please also report anyone impersonating team members.

Warning & Advice

⚠️ Don’t share your private keys with anyone.

⚠️ Be suspicious of anyone asking for funds, wallet addresses, or private keys.

⚠️ Team members will never ask for private keys or funds!

💡 Team members will always have you DM them first!

💡 Don’t take anything too personally or seriously (but call out harmful behaviour when you see it!) We’re all in this together.

✅ Be kind and open-minded.

✅ Learn new things about 4thTech.

✅ Respect all users within the server. Users may disagree with one another, however, conversations need to remain civil.

💡 Note: First-timers: If your first post breaks the above policies, you can be banned from the group immediately.

Project Links

🔗 Homepage:

🔗 Web Dapp Platform:

🔗 Documentation:

🔗 Community Page:

🔗 Twitter:

🔗 Medium:

🔗 Github:

🔗 YouTube:


📄 4thpillar Technologies (i.e., 4thTech) is a blockchain technology innovation and development initiative. Its main focus goes to the development of future experimental blockchain technology. 4thTech does not guarantee or influence the token price or deal with financial or trading token elements, nor offer any licensed financial services, such as investment or brokerage services, capital raising, fund management, or investment advice. The content of this article is provided for information purposes only and is not to be used or considered to be an investment recommendation or an offer or solicitation to buy, sell or subscribe to any securities or other financial instruments.