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1xBit Adds Two Exclusive Deposit Methods – Arbitrum and Algorand

Unlocking Seamless Transactions & Robust Security: 1xBit Enriches Payment Gateway with the Integration of Arbitrum and Algorand

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1xBit has always made giant strides towards staying ahead of the game, and its new addition of two payment methods – Arbritrum and Algorand – is enough proof of that fact.

Let’s have a deeper look into the advantages of each of the payment methods to lend credence to the importance of adding them to the fleet of available payment methods on 1xBit.

Benefits of Arbitrium

Here are a few pros of Arbitrum that should make you consider using this crypto payment method:

  • Due to its higher EVM compatibility, it allows for highly voluminous transaction; 
  • The operational mechanism of the Optimistic Rollup which Arbitrium runs on allows chains of transactions to merge together and process in a single block, thus reducing the cost per transaction;
  • The operational design of Arbitrium allows it to interact with other blockchain networks in a fluid manner; 
  • With the use of zero knowledge proofs that Arbitrium utilises, it helps in doubling down on the safety of the transactions.

Benefits of Algorand

Here are some of the strenghts of using Algorand as a crypto payment method:

  • It is considered as the first blockchain to make immediate transaction finality a possibility. As such, users can be assured of transactions being finalized in seconds;
  • The Algorand blockchain uses a an open-to-all policy where users can operate in the blockchain without bothering about hierarchy;
  • Because of its operational mechanism, transaction fees in this ecosystem are almost inconsequential.

Though the both methods are equally attractive, there are over 40 other crypto tokens that you can harness. More importantly, the platform is dedicated to adding more to the list to further diversify your options.

Regardless of where your interest lies as regards sports, 1xBit has you covered with its robust sports betting coverage.

As a new user on the platform, you are eligible to have access to up to 7 BTC in welcome bonus, which would come in handy in boosting your bankroll and winning potential in the long run.

Register with a promo code ARBIT25 and get extra 25% to the 1st deposit bonus now!

1xBit runs a strictly anonymous mode of registration which doesn't require you to fill out any of your personal information when registering an account. You will find out that registration of an account on this platform takes less than a minute as a result.

Given the mode of payments utilized at 1xBit, you can be assured of swift processing of your withdrawals. This explains why withdrawals on this platform take less than a day as opposed to traditional platforms.

About Company

1xBit is one of the most popular crypto betting platforms on the market. The company’s website has been operating since 2016. 1xBit is known for plenty of gambling and betting options and guaranteed anonymity for its users.

Reach out to 1xBit on the following platforms for the latest ones: 

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