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02-09-2021 - 30-09-2021
Historical $10,000,000 Airdrop September 30th!

Historical $10,000,000 Airdrop September 30th!

We have decided to make our historical airdrop even more epic by upping it to a whopping $10,000,000!πŸ’° The airdrop date has been pushed to September 30th to allow us to execute the biggest HERO marketing campaign so far. We will make sure that everyone hears about what’s going on.

The upgraded rules for the $10M HERO Airdrop:

βœ… Minimum 5000 HERO to qualify
βœ… Any selling of HERO before Airdrop on Sept 30th eliminates your address automatically
βœ… The second snapshot will be taken on September 30th
βœ… HERO held on CEXs does not qualify. Only private wallets will work (Metamask, Trust wallet etc)
βœ… New addresses with over 5000 HERO qualify between now and Sept 30th

We have already taken a snapshot of all addresses with HERO, and will take a second one on September 30th right before the airdrop to finalize the list of eligible addresses.

We’re excited to pull off one of the biggest airdrops in the history of crypto!πŸ”₯